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Phone : +389 46 200 - 032
Duration: 13 Jul 2017 - 17 Jul 2017
Location: Ohrid, Macedonia
Price: 63€
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Date: 13-17 July 2017

Location: Ohrid, Macedonia

Director: Zoran Simonoski

Application Deadline: 15 May 2017


Ohrid City – a mixture of rich history and modern life…

Ohrid is an immortal town on the mythical Balkans, a magical hill of Macedonia whose primordial pulsation links ancient and modern times forever…

Ohrid has been a living town for 2400 years, notable for having 365 churches, one for each day of the year, and is referred to as the Macedonian Jerusalem. Archaeological finds indicate that Ohrid is one of the oldest human settlements in all of Europe. The lake itself is over three million years old. Ohrid in the past was known as Lychnidos – or, “the City of light.” Only much later, in 879 CE, was it renamed Ohrid. The name probably derives from the phrase “Oh-rid” – meaning roughly, “Oh, what a cliff!” It comes from the time when the town was limited to a small area on the lake side of the hill, which in fact is a huge cliff rising above the lake shore. The town as we know it today was built mostly between the 7th and 19th centuries. During the Byzantine period, Ohrid became a significant cultural and economic center, serving as an episcopal center of the Orthodox Church and as the site of the first Slavic university run by St.Clement and St. Naum at the end of the 9th century. At the beginning of the 11th century, Ohrid briefly became the capital of the kingdom ruled by Czar Samuil, whose fortress still presides over the city today.

In 1979 and in 1980, Ohrid and Lake Ohrid were accepted as Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. In fact, Ohrid is one of only 28 sites that are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage that are both Cultural and Natural sites.

Lake Ohrid – The Lake That Leaves You Breathless…

Lake Ohrid is one of the world’s oldest lakes, formed millions of years ago…

Lake Ohrid rightly deserves the name “Macedonia’s freshwater sea”. Not only for its warm water blue color, which gains its intensity from the sky blue color, but because of its size, this lake gives an impression of being a sea. With its unique flora and fauna the lake is one of the largest biological reserves in Europe. The earliest scientific studies, undertaken in the course of the 19th century, showed that, as one of the oldest lakes in the world, it has preserved primeval life forms which no longer exist in other places or only exist as fossils. The importance of the lake was further emphasized when it was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1979 and when, in 2010, NASA decided to name one of Titan’s lakes after Lake Ohrid.



The organizer of this festival is the Cultural Art Society “Vez”. The International Folklore Festival “Days of Ohrid” is a celebration of cultural diversity which is best shown through the FOLKLORE. The main purpose of the festival is to celebrate the richness of the diverse cultural roots of different nations. Different countries will show their specific identity and the other countries will learn something more about other people’s history and customs. The main purpose of the festival is to provide a field for folk groups and singers from different countries to show the uniqueness of their folklore, to preserve and promote Macedonian folklore, tradition and cultural heritage and to provide a beautiful place like Ohrid where people from different nations will have the chance to make new friendships.


  • Groups from all over the world can take part in this festival.
  • Folk dance groups, modern dance groups, choirs, but also majorette teams and brass bands and orchestras are welcome to apply.
  • The number of participants and followers is not limited.
  • There is no age limit (beside youth and children participants, older or veterans also may participate)
  • It is necessary to prepare minimum one program with the duration of 12 – 15 minutes per program.
  • Each group should bring the national flag of the country that they represent.
  • It is also necessary to visibly display panel on which the name of your group and the name of your country is inscribed.
  • On request, a professional tourist guide can be hired to accompany the group on their excursions, but the travel guide expenses will be covered by the group.
  • It is recommended that groups should bring about 12 – 15 small gifts for exchange.
  • Participants can perform with orchestras (recommended) or with recorded music (on CD or USB).
  • In order to participate in this festival, every group needs to fill in an application form. When applying, if possible, please provide some photos, videos or brief history of the group. These materials will be used for promotional and advertising purposes (in advertisements, fliers and posters).
  • After receiving the application form and completion of advance payment, the organizer will send an official letter of invitation for participation at the Festival.
  • The rest of the payment should be completed immediately after the group arrives in order to take part at the festival.



  • Accommodation in hotels and apartments, and meals according to the price selected
  • 2 double rooms per group with no supplement to be paid (one for the leaders of the group and another for the drivers of the bus). The rest of the rooms are with 3 and 4 beds.
  • Free parking for the bus
  • On request, each group will have a person available to accompany them on their excursions and to inform them about details regarding the festival.
  • On request, a professional guide can be hired to accompany the group on their excursions, but the travel guide expenses will be covered by the group
  • Certificates for participation in the festival
  • Advertising of the festival (press conference, radio, TV channels, posters and flyers)
  • After the festival finishes, organizers will send you a DVD and photos of the festival program for each group.
  • We have our own internet television on which performances will be broadcasted and the web site is www.iffom.com
  • We have our own professional stage where concert performances take place, size: 10×8 meters
  • We have professional sound equipment: (2 bass speakers, 4 satellite speakers, 2 monitor speakers…)
  • We have professional light equipment


Personal responsibility and health insurance are within the other obligations of the groups. First Aid and Medical Hospital will be available, medical services must be covered by the group.

PARTICIPATION FEE:      63 euro (lowest price)

Please keep in mind that these prices are the regular prices given in here:


63€ per person for 3 nights half board accommodation (breakfast and dinner)
81€ per person for 4 nights half board accommodation (breakfast and dinner)
99 € per person for 5 nights half board accommodation (breakfast and dinner)

69 € per person for 3 nights full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
89 € per person for 4 nights full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
109 € per person for 5 nights full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • If there are 20 paying participants in a group, the 21st will be free of charge.
  • Supplement for double room is 5 euro per day per person.
  • Supplement for accommodation in a single room is + 50% of the price to be paid for the single person accommodated in such room.



Arriving in Ohrid, hotel accommodation

Meeting with the organizer in order to discuss details about the festival; upon arrival groups will be given a program with exact time schedule for each of the activities mentioned in this program.

Lunch in hotel (if FB) and free activities (swimming in Ohrid Lake),

Dinner in hotel

Free night



Ohrid Ethno museum (1 euro) sightseeing – visiting cultural monuments (Samoil fortress (1 euro), Antique theater, Plaosnik, (1 euro) St. Kaneo church …)

Dinner in hotel


Breakfast in the hotel
Struga sightseeing – visiting cultural and historical monuments (river Crn Drim, House of the brothers Miladinovci, St. Kalista church, Vevchani – Vevchanski water sources (1 euro)

Lunch in the hotel (if FB) and free activities (swimming)

Parade and performance of the participants (First festival evening)

Dinner in the hotel



Cruising with boat on Ohrid Lake and visiting the Museum on water and most famous tourist resort  St.Naum – culture  place, visiting the water sources of the Ohrid Lake, St. Naum monastery, little islands at the very place with restaurants; swimming at the beach. The price for the cruising with boat is 8 Euros per person) (if FB, lunch package provided by the hotel)

Parade through the city
Festival evening (performance of the participants, certificate for the participants by the organizers, and at the very end of the festival participants can exchange gifts and contacts with each other)
Dinner in the hotel


Checking out of Hotels

*The organizer reserves the right to change the festival program.