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Duration: 17 Jul 2021 - 21 Jul 2021
Location: Ohrid, Macedonia
Price: 65€
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Date: 21 – 25 July 2022

Location: Ohrid, Macedonia

Deadline: 15 December 2021

Director: Milenko Andreski


International Folklore Festival Ohrid Macedonia, with the support of the Association of Macedonia Cultural Heritage “Alexander the Macedonian”.


Welcome to Ohrid, the Pearl on the Balkans, as our visitors tend to say. Ohrid is a blend of the traditional and the contemporary, the main spiritual, cultural and touristic center in Macedonia, a UNESCO World Heritage site as a cultural, and with the Ohrid Lake as a natural rarity. The numerous historical monuments found in their close surrounding speak of the tradition and dedication of the Macedonian people. You can explore the history and the culture, go shopping, go on different excursions and enjoy the gastronomy of this city. Here, as a rarity scarcely found anywhere else, the deep traces merge eras and empires, kingdoms and quests, weaving the fine thread of historical continuity on the Balkans. On the other hand, nature hasn’t spared its beauties stretched down from the lake shores and up to the Galichica Mountain on which peak one can enjoy the sight of two lakes, the Ohrid and the Prespa Lake. Explore and choose your favorite beaches and fun places for daytime or nighttime, choose a restaurant where you can eat and drink and taste the homemade food while listening to our traditional music. Visit the city museums, gates, churches and galleries. You can learn about the history of our town. Go on a tour on the lake, mountains and surrounding villages. Enjoy your stay in Ohrid! Stay as long as you can and Ohrid will stay with you forever.

Lake Ohrid straddles the mountainous border between southwestern Macedonia and eastern Albania. It is one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes, preserving a unique aquatic ecosystem that is of worldwide importance, with more than 200 endemic species. It came into being about three million years ago according to the latest scientific researches. It was formed in remote geological ages as a result of tectonic shifts. There are only a few lakes in the world today whose antiquity can be compared to that of Lake Ohrid. Enjoy the magnificent landscapes of a lake placed in a cradle of mountains. These landscapes change with the movement of the clouds and the reflection of the sunlight, depending on the position of the sun, in ever-changing patterns that will always surprise you by its magical beauty, like a dreamy fairytale… 


  • Those who wish to take part in the Festival must fill-in the application form.

  • All participants are to make their own travel arrangements to and from Ohrid and stages and pay their travel expenses.

  •  The Organizing Committee provides accommodation and cultural programs (excursions) by agreement with the participants.

  • A minimum of 8 groups must apply for the competition to be held. Otherwise, a standard folklore festival will be held.

  • The number of artists and accompanying people is not limited.

  • The groups who wish to compete pay an additional participation fee of 100 euro. In case the competition is to be canceled, the money will be balanced with the final amount.

  • During the participation of the team in the Competition, it may be invited by the organizers to take part in joint events – Official opening, Official closing, defile, accompanying concerts, cocktail, or others. The presence of invited teams in various events is required.

  • The participants pay the specified prices for participation in the International Folklore, Dance and Music Festival – Competition “Alexander the Macedonian”. The advanced payment is 30% of the total amount for the participation of the group.

  • The participants should send promo-materials, photos, videos and a complete list of participants no less than a month before the start of the festival.

  • The price includes staying the night, breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktail meeting at the Ohrid ethno museum (traditional rakija, wine, and soda), water for all the participants on the concerts, and organizational service.

  • Two weeks before the beginning of the competition the full amount for participation must be sent.

  • The minimum participation period is 4 days.

Regulations of Contest

The contest system includes the following categories:

  1. Folklore vocal groups, authentic folklore (choirs and ensembles)

    2. Folklore dance groups, authentic folklore; (folklore dance groups, ensembles)

    3. Folklore dance groups; modern choreography (folklore dance groups, ensembles)

    4. Folklore mix ensembles –  Authentic performances; (live vocal, instrumental and dance)

    5. Folklore mix ensembles –  Processed performances; (live vocal, instrumental and dance)

Formations that can take part in the competition program:

  • folklore ensembles, vocal and dance groups;

  • clubs for folk dances;

  • individual performers and duets;

The jury consists of three members. In jury, a committee may participate only members authorized by IFFOM.

The jury evaluates by the following 3 criteria:
   1. Level of complexity and technique of performance
   2. Vision /costumes, properties, staging, selection of repertoire/
   3. Stage manners /behavior on stage, gestures, contact with the audience, spirit emanation, artistry/

The program duration of the separate groups/participants should not exceed:

  • Songs – up to 7 minutes

  • Dances – up to 10 minutes

  • Ensemble performances – up to 12 minutes


The Winner of the International Folklore, Dance and Music Festival – Competition “Alexander the Macedonian” will receive a Gold medal, a Diploma and a cash prize of 500 euros.  The champions are awarded gold medals, while second and third place – silver and bronze medals.

All participants receive diplomas and object – prizes.

Participation fee:

  • 65 euro per person for 3 nights half board accommodation (breakfast and dinner)

  • 85 euro per person for 4 nights half board accommodation (breakfast and dinner)

  • 105 euro per person for 5 nights half board accommodation (breakfast and dinner)

  • 72 euro per person for 3 nights full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

  • 92 euro per person for 4 nights full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

  • 120 euro per person for 5 nights full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

  • 75 euro per person for 3 nights half board in Hotel “Chingo”

  • 99 euro per person for 4 nights half board in Hotel “Chingo”

  • 90 euro per person for 3 nights half board in Hotel “Mizo”

  • 119 euro per person for 4 nights half board in Hotel “Mizo”

The groups who wish to compete pay an additional participation fee of 100 euro.

If there are 25 paying participants in a group, the 26th will be free of charge.

Supplement for double room is 5 euro per day per person.

Supplement for accommodation in a single room is + 50% of the price to be paid for the single person accommodated in such room.

Accommodation in Hotels and Apartments

  • Hotel Mizo (4 stars) hotel by the lake

  • Hotel Chingo (3 stars) in the strict center of the city

  • Hotel Ambasador (3 stars) http://hotelambasador.mk

  • Hotel Makoteks (3 stars) hotel by the lake.

  • Hotel Montenegrin (3 stars) in the center of the city.

  • Hotel Lovec (3 stars)15 min to the city center (by walk).

  • Villa Sparadise

  • Villa Miranda (2 stars)

  • Apartments Monika (2 stars) in the center of the city.

Participation fee does not include:

  • On request, a professional tour guide can be hired to accompany the group on their excursions, but the travel guide expenses will be covered by the group.

  • Health insurance (First Aid and Medical Hospital will be available, medical services must be covered by the group).

  • Parking for the bus in the center of the town.

  • Macedonian tourist tax (0.70 cents euro per person per day)

Preliminary Program:

July 21: Welcoming the groups

July 22: After breakfast Ohrid sightseeing (4 euro per person), cocktail / Competition – Official Opening

July 23: Free day excursion in the morning / Competition- Awarding ceremony and announcement of winners and official closing gala concert of winners.

July 24: Cruising with a boat on Lake Ohrid to St.Naum monastery 

July 25: Departure of the participants

*Excursions: Ohrid Ethno museum (1 euro), Samoil’s Fortress (1 euro), Plaosnik (2 euro)

                        Cruising with a boat on Lake Ohrid (8 euro)

General Conditions

The sender covers all bank fees.

Participants do not get paid for their performance.

All filled applications will mean acceptance of the terms laid by the present regulation.

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.

Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

As a next step participant transfers a payment of 20% for booking the accommodation.

Rest of the amount 70% – 15 days before the start of the festival, or upon registration with permission of the organizers.